Banks Mag, Issue 7

  The latest and greatest from the true whitewater rag which is “helping kayakers read again.”  I can think of nothing more inspirational.  Banks Mag issue # 7, out now,  includes… Role Models… Continue reading

Sacred, Spiritual and Powerful

A life centered around rivers has taught me that dreams are more satisfying if they are dreamt in the daylight, and lived out in reality. Somewhere around a decade ago I became vaguely… Continue reading

The 2010 Triple Crown…A Fresh Combo Move Which Spans Oceans…

There are moments in time, where you think to yourself…”This isn’t really going to make sense, or sink in for a while.”  This post, chronicling the greater part of the past year, is… Continue reading

Kings to the Middle to the Fork of the Kings

And now an update from the most out-of-date blog on the internet… (Unless noted otherwise…All Photos by Will Stubblefield) The most rewarding experiences in life are those which originate from spontaneous decisions and… Continue reading

Summertime Love

This piece of art-work (found gracing the bathroom hallway of Biscuit World) brings forth many different aspects of today’s perplexing society…Man and Woman’s naturally jealous instinct.  Societal reliance on revenge.   The “right”… Continue reading

Been Boonetown but Idaho-Down…

A post long overdue…due to be long… When a fly flies into a Venus fly-trap, what does it think about while in there? Do flies know about Venus fly traps before coming face… Continue reading

The FULL New Zealand Video Journals…

In 2008, a grand experiment dubbed the “NZ Video Journals” was produced by  Spencer Cooke, of Effort Inc. along with myself through the video collaborative, Rapid Transit Video.  The Journals documented my travels… Continue reading


Welcome to the new website of Downstream Movement! Downstream Movement is about the progression down a river or creek that unites people no matter who they are. While in the realm of Downstream… Continue reading

A Double Take at the Waitaha River

The Waitaha was the river of choice for my first heli-kayaking experience here in New Zealand. That high-water day will forever be ingrained into my head as an un-forgettable day and one helluva… Continue reading